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-A  Daughter's Destiny-

A Book


A Book, By Marilyn Turner

Rejection, abandonment, molestation… these were just a few of the attacks that Marilyn Love Turner found herself enduring. Her painful childhood would lead her down a path to self-destruction that almost ended her life. Marilyn Turner takes the reader on her journey to destiny starting from her ‘Turning point’ to her life now as a woman of God. She highlights her painstaking decision to give up and leave behind her love for acting and the lifestyle it afforded her, to answer the call to ministry. Her life wasn’t easy, but her obedience propelled her towards her God-given destiny.


Join Marilyn as she details her miraculous account of deliverance, healing and kingdom promotion. This jaw dropping and inspiring story will empower you to take inventory of your life and make the decision to ‘LIVE OUT LOUD’ towards your destiny.


- A Daughter's Destiny-




This book is a blessing to anyone that reads it!!! I was encouraged tremendously with every single word written, from the scriptures to the testimonies... it's definitely time to take 100% responsibility for my Christian life and begin LIVING OUT LOUD for JESUS CHRIST! 


Thank you so much for writing this book and allowing God to use you. In fact, this book give me strength to trust God and run to God with everything. This book was a great blessing! It showed that when God take control and the holy Spirit to guide us, it's worth it.


Marilyn has written a wonderful, spiritually moving testimony! She powerfully demonstrates what happens when the answer is "yes Lord." God is always ready to move in our lives. We simply (and no so simply) need to answer His call and be obedient to His instruction.

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