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"If it stops you from getting closer to GOD,

then you need to let it go."

Marilyn Turner has served in Christian ministry for more than ten years a is a Pastor of New Hope Int’l Ministries which she and her husband, Senior Pastor, Apostle Charles Turner III co-established in 2012. Her multi-faceted prophetic and teacher’s ministry is marked with deliverance, miracles and sound Biblical preaching.  She is a pastor, an author, a playwright, a conference speaker, actress and a Prophetess called to the nation. 


Her heart is for outreach to hurting people pursuing those who are lost without Christ. She’s an active, servant-leader who runs to the battle first with warfare prayers and her journey through life to the pulpit has led her from a small town in Michigan to the bright lights of Hollywood, then on to Ministry of the Kingdom of God and spreading His Word.


This self-titled "country girl" has been through more than her humble smile portrays. She is one of her several siblings thrown into crisis after their parents' separation and their mother's tragic illness. Her testimony is lined with abandonment, emotional, physical and sexual abuse. But, it didn't kill her spirit. 


Inspired by Her New Book, ‘Living Out Loud’- a Daughter’s Destiny, published March 2016, Marilyn is the founder of ‘Living Out Loud-THE MOVEMENT’, a ministry provoking women and teen girls to stand up for righteous living, taking 100% responsibility for their lives as they grow in Christ. Marilyn recognizes the need for women and teens to have godly mentorship, fellowship and accountability. Through social media outlets and monthly gatherings, this ministry serves as a catalyst for restoration, transformation and empowerment.

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